Bird site, React 

My favourite part of the recent React troubles over on :birdsite:

This is amazing - just some random passer-by interjecting with 'What is React?' amidst all the thrashing around as bros try to stomach Dan's apology.

Gives me hope for the world, y'know


There is now way the kids are gonna accept the roasted carrot and cumin salad (with ass barley), but they'll nom nom the chicken at least.

Pretty cool that the Tax office gives you an itemised receipt of how they spent your taxes.

It makes taxes feel like they are paying for subscription services.

Welfare is pricey, but well worth it. Defence is crap, tbh, would cancel.

Lizard person hand 

Winter + psoriasis + washing my hands dozens of times a day because of the 2yo.

My hands are 20 years older than the rest of me.

They don't want you to know 

Ethey irdsbay orkway orfay ethey ourgeoisiebay

Not to toot my own horn, but project 'win some normies over to the fediverse' may have caught its first fish.

5yo beat me at super tic-tac-toe again.

I don't even let her win, I'm just legit bad at it

She's not really allowed on the bed but I ain't gonna pull rank here

We can be so fixated on binaries that we think of days as either sunny or rainy.

Nature would like to remind you that Sunny-rainy days are beautiful too.

So this happened.

Late for kid pick up, so ran through the city.

Unbeknownst to me my water bottle wasn't fastened.

Make it to the train, and stand for half an hour until I get a seat.

Put my bag on my lap, water had run through my notebook and was seeping ink through my bag onto my pants.

I'm really pleased with using Trello for my family meal planning, but I could use more recipes to add to the repertoire.

Any cooks wanna share their favourite recipes?

Difficulty level: Fairly fussy kids and usually tired Dad!


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