Help me track down a thing I read...

It's a long article about someone incidentally discovering his wife is probably the best Tetris player in the world and they go on a road trip to some particular arcade that hosts world record attempts

Ringing any bells for anyone?

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@stibbons @liamvhogan @JacksonBates

I'm sorry, exactly how is a person talking about their personal experiences, being married to someone who just found out they are the champion, less good than "SOLID WALL OF GOD DAMNED TEXT WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT ACTUALLY HAVE SPACES SEPARATING THE WORDS I AM NOT GOING TO FIND OUT HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE WORST WEBPAGE I HAVE SEEN IN AGES"

I mean

how can you even READ that page? I cannot. My eyes blur.

@mjd By being about the person who actually did something. But clearly all you care about is whether or not you like the Web page. Bye now.

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