Today's cheap home improvements: adding some weather seal to the old timber window frames to try and cut down draughts and heat leaks.

Happy to report laying the insulation properly in the roof last week made a noticeable difference on those subzero nights!

Hoping it might make a difference for my wife's allergies too.

Never been able to identify the cause... most likely dust.

@JacksonBates I took the opportunity to run around my house with a thermal camera this past winter, and it was absolutely amazing what you'd notice, where even a little gap in the insulation or a poorly sealed piece of trim could let so much cold air flow in.

@ocdtrekkie i was thinking of hiring one, but then figured the low hanging fruit was obvious enough

@ocdtrekkie @JacksonBates I need to do this in my house. I'm a bit worried of the result I'll get tho haha

@anyiarocks @JacksonBates It can be really interesting. Often the fixes are very simple: Caulk here, stuff some extra insulation there. Nothing crazy, but it might have a big impact on your energy bills.

I had access to a thermal camera for free though, not sure how much it'd cost to get your hands on one even temporarily.

@ocdtrekkie @anyiarocks not prohibitively expensive if I recall correctly, just a bit of a pain to organise...which I can't be bothered with :blobcatgoogly:

@anyiarocks @JacksonBates This was one of the most blatantly neat discoveries: Not shocked the attic door wasn't insulated that well... but it was also immediately obvious the bay adjacent to the attic door was also just... empty? Easy fix.

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