Just received a tech test as part of a job interview process.

"Download this (old, weird) React project and make any meaningful change you like"

I get it - they want to see how you work in an existing codebase, orient yourself, and make changes in keeping with established norms in the codebase...

...but I also can't be bothered understanding the whole thing and then deciding what I think a meaningful change should be.

It's not the most pointless technical stage of the job hunt process I've seen, but I do think it's a bit misguided!

@JacksonBates once you’ve spent hours fixing NPM dependency issues just to get up and running, I think they should hire you on the spot

@lkhrs the last commit in the repo does say 'make it work in 2022' so they have potentially closed that door to me already...

but 'make it work in June 2022' probably presents it's own opportunities

@JacksonBates they call it React because there’s a new dependency crisis whenever you take your eyes off the screen for 2 seconds

@JacksonBates Best response would be to make no changes - if there are no requirements, either business or security (e.g. out of date deps), then leave it alone. That probably won't get you the job, though 😀

@JacksonBates interesting one! i guess there might be things like critical vulnerabilities they expect you to find and fix? otherwise I can't think of a reason to justify such a vague instruction

@e4 nah, I don't think that's the goal.

I suspect the idea is to give vague instructions so that you're free to do what you want. That way they are not assuming their 'simple' task takes two hours, but you actually spend all weekend on it.

@e4 I think they are trying to be open and fair with this approach - but it could also just be that they haven't really given much thought to the task either.

There's a follow up technical discussion with a number of senior engineers, so I suspect the take home is just a 'can you code a bit like us?' sort of test...slightly more relevant than FizzBuzz.

I didn't over-think it - two little commits that added some functionality...guess I'll see what happens next from there...

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