I half remember a tale about Twitter falling over because they ran out of primary keys on their notifications back in the day...

Is that accurate? I can't find anything about it online with a hasty search.

Does anyone have a link to a write up / post mortem or know where I might have heard that tale ages ago?

Can anyone confirm it?

(I know it's technically possible if you use ints as your primary key - just wondering if it was true about Twitter in particular)

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@JacksonBates There was a time when twitter third party apps were limited in the number of keys they would be issued to allow users to access the API. It had the effect of limiting 3rd party apps to a few hundred users each or something like that. Could that be what you're thinking of?

@ada That wasn't it - it was actually Parler I was thinking of.

I think Twitter still does the api client thing, maybe? Or they at least rate limit stuff to such an extent that 3rd party clients always feel wonky

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