Dr Jackson Bates thinks my email address is his.

I get lots of medical spam.

I get notified that he's having trouble logging in to my dormant Facebook account.

His Elsevier access will be revoked in 14 days if he doesn't log in (with my email address)

I often wonder about him.

Hope he's having a good, email free, day.


There are other Jackson Bateses.

One wanted to buy my Instagram handle.

One was in some reality TV show about a large evangelical family in the states.

One had a father that was squatting JacksonBates.com for over a decade, until he let it lapse and I bought it for $12.

But Dr Bates is my favourite.

@JacksonBates I've lost count of the number of D Ayers's whose emails I get in my Gmail account. I felt guilty after cancelling Diana's hair foil appointment last night...

@JacksonBates I've been getting some other Aaron Crowders email for years as well. I think they got the message though when I logged into the Hulu account they created with my email address by resetting the password and changed the profile names to "Stop", "Using", "My", "Email", and "Address" 😅

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