My last was back in June 2019, so I guess a refresher couldn't hurt!

I'm mostly a tired father of 2 that started skateboarding as a mid-life crisis kind of thing. My arm still hurts from a fall a couple of weeks ago...

I'm a software dev in Melbourne, Australia, working at a company so small they made me CTO.

I'm, like, Junior-CTO at best, tbh.

I used to be a high school English teacher, so I get a bit too 'splainy and monologuey from time to time.

Previous intro:


Adding some tags to the above

Non-obvious interests:


And since I'll probably post / connect with people around my work stuff too, here's the stack I work with:

Also increasingly interested in (but no progress with learning it yet)

@JacksonBates always love hearing about Laravel; it's where I got my start on OOP and TDD

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