One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

@JacksonBates Yaaassss, all the domain names and how odd they get is one of my favorite things!

@lmorchard @JacksonBates Definitely! Though it can get a bit sad at times when you see a really cool domain only to notice it's a private instance and you can't join. Maybe that's for the better though, or I might be creating new accounts every week 😂

the entire reason i'm running on this domain, to be perfectly honest

@JacksonBates absolutely. I've been thinking about setting up my own personal instance just to have a custom handle like that. It's definitely a cool feature of a decentralized platform like this.

@Finner while I like the novelty of that idea, I decided against it because I really like having a good local TL from a smaller but not tiny instance as a balance between the home and the firehose.

@JacksonBates it's amazing isn't it. It's given the internet it's personality back for sure!

@JacksonBates The game is to come up with the funniest domain name. #fediverse

@JacksonBates I hope you read that signal correctly. Smaller and more diverse sound dreamy if not a bit conflicted.

@Amber yeah, I'm hoping to pick up some new rss subscriptions like the good ol days

@JacksonBates I was just chatting with my friend @indygwyn on this exact topic. Completely agree.

@JacksonBates I relate to this so much as someone who bought a quirky domain name ( on a whim and eventually set up a whole instance for it 😂

@JacksonBates couldn't agree more. Many people even use subdomains to give the instance further purpose/direction, which is where I got the idea.

@admin yeah, that's pretty cool - it's like a tiny novel! it's really fun knowing your instance is being hosted on a ThinkPad with no display, in someone's drawer somewhere

@JacksonBates @kitsune Mine's out in the open for better cooling, but it does have a half-broken keyboard as well.

@mark @kitsune i had my old ThinkPad running as a personal home server and also ran PiHole on it.

Trouble was, everytime we had a power cut and then came back online (or someone knocked the power plug), the laptop needed to be logged into again before we could get the family internet working.

Ended up being too much of a pain.

@JacksonBates @mark @kitsune Yea, this tends to be the main issues with home servers.

It really is a hobby, you have to make sure you'll still be interesting in patching, and upgrading for many years into the future if it's something you and your family rely on.

I much prefer managed instances.

@JacksonBates Yes! I had the same thought earlier today and it was somehow comforting.

@JacksonBates haha and our domain is the shortest on Mastodon instances.

@sophie_docs this is excellent - but I feel the favicon is letting the team down there

@JacksonBates There's a certain mystique to it, like wondering about a foreign country. What's that server like? What are their rules? Are the people there any different? What do they talk about? Obviously they like cats, but which ones in particular?

@mrdiamondj I think an almanac on the topic would fill a very niche need

@JacksonBates hey, my domain isn't weird thank you very much. 😤

@JacksonBates The one I ended up with makes me seem a little mysterious and intriguing, but in reality I'm just a huge nerd. 😂

@amethystdusk it's reasonably safe to say we're all huge nerds at this point. But some are huge nerds and also mysterious!

@JacksonBates I have also noticed that in Mastodon network I see many other languages (e.g., Arabic, Asian, Spanic etc) than usually I encounter in other social networks. It seams that Mastodon has no tight bubble as other networks create around their users. Which is great, even I do not understand those languages - it is still nice to see that the world is bigger, much bigger than my bubble ☺️

@JacksonBates yeah, reminds me of the joy back when pingbacks were developed for blogs.

@JacksonBates not only that, but some instances are wildly diverse (and wonderfully strange) places. I heard about yesterday where you are only allowed to post using the letter "e". So, every post looks like it is being written by dolphins...

Eeee ee eeeee. Eeeeeeee! Eeee, eeeeeee eeee eeeee.

The instance admin reported that even that niche instance has seen a noticeable increase in interest and activity in the last week.

@GreatBigTable getting back to the weird, experimental and whimsical web feels more important every day

@JacksonBates "more than four websites" ... Amen to that!

@JacksonBates I couldn't quite put my finger on why I liked seeing that domain diversity but you nailed it - it DOES feel like the web is more expansive again!

@JacksonBates Unfortunately, most people don't think about which suffix to use (for instance, they use .social, one of the worst for domain owners protection)

@bortzmeyer interesting, I've never thought about this. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for that link, never thought about this. My personal domains are all from .com, .de and .gr

@JacksonBates It’s really fun for us old-timers who remember the pre-Friendster/YouTube/LinkedIn days when most of the internet was like this.

Decentralized USENET, TELNET, and FTP servers. If you had an “internet presence” it was because you put up your own website. Closest thing to a social network was a Web Ring. 🤓

Apart from the proprietary networks like Compuserve, AOL, etc… no one company owned any big piece of any of it. #backinmyday #oldmanyellingatcloud

@jeffjetton i miss the way dial up would scream at you as you connected 😅

@JacksonBates @jeffjetton for some weird reason this made me smile. Not sure why - dialup was like the angsty teenager and so was I - just.

@JacksonBates now start collecting RSS-feeds and discover an even greater internet full of small webservers !


@JacksonBates 100% agree!” he responds from his own personal domain node. :-)

@JacksonBates i feel it's like your family name. Basically tells what is your "tribe", where are you from

It's nice indeed

@JacksonBates This is an interesting point, and something that I didn't necessarily think of when I created this account.

@JacksonBates so much this. I’ve been on mastodon a while but not started using it until the last week. It’s like the good days a decade ago - one’s own sense of identity, more than 4 domains, social network small enough to feel friendly enough to do a follow-Friday post and actually know people. Yay. :)

@JacksonBates @Posty I also love how it kind of ‘advertises’ community, almost like a membership pre filter “ah there be nerds here” for example.

@JacksonBates Weird? My domain is totally normal! 😉

More seriously though, you are right. It is really nice and some of the names are quite intriguing.

@JacksonBates Couldn't agree more! And it fills my heart with warmth to see how many different instances are there out there! No need for big tech hosting a huge system when you can build from the bottom up something like this!

#mastodon #fediverse #freesoftware

The Fediverse vs a corporate silo is like being on the internet instead of some weird public intranet.

Or as I think Jeff Jarvis called walled off net-deneutralized ISP networks, the schminternet.
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