Shortly before the 8 year old beat me at Hive again.

@JacksonBates I’ve never seen hive before, looks great.
Might have get a set!

@jamesg Yeah, I really like it - mostly because the chunky pieces are really clicky and tactile.

I'm pretty crap at it, but it's a fun game and travels well.

@JacksonBates do you play with all the bugs? I don't quite like the extension ones, they feel unnecessary and complexify the game too much IMO

@scambier I don't have the pillbug and have been on situations where I wanted it.

I have ladybug and mosquito... not sure if there are others?

@JacksonBates only those 3 ones yes. Actually it's not that those specific bugs are bad, but I like the relative simplicity of the original game. The 3 adds feel a bit "too much" 🤷‍♂️

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