Pretty cool that the Tax office gives you an itemised receipt of how they spent your taxes.

It makes taxes feel like they are paying for subscription services.

Welfare is pricey, but well worth it. Defence is crap, tbh, would cancel.

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@JacksonBates combined with MSM commentary of welfare cheats and national security, the aim of this was to give a conservative govt the ammunition to cut welfare spending.

@emmadavidson yeah, I don't doubt completely cynical motives on their part. But also, they could not do this and still just make shit up and get away with it like they have been for years.

I like the transparency because it also equips me to contact reps etc

@JacksonBates Really shows how little we spend on unemployment welfare compared to so many other categories (other welfare categories in particular). Puts the coalition governments' obsession with cracking down on "welfare cheats" into stark perspective IMO.

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