I'm a part-time software engineer and stay-at-home-dad. I used to be a high-school English teacher, but cured me of that.

I love poetry but don't read enough of it.

I hate arguing online but I do way too much of it.

I try to seek out people with different life experiences to me, so if I follow you and you wonder if I'm gonna be problematic and tell you you're wrong, I'm actually just listening in and hoping to learn something.

I'd probably block me. YMMV

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@JacksonBates I'm just gonna be over here crushing on you :D

(solely based on parts of this intro)

@JacksonBates Welcome!

I'm currently working my way through the freeCodeCamp curriculum. I'd be curious about your thoughts on what it's like to go from studying online to an actual career.

@morganmay it's awesome and intense. Getting the first job is really hard, and you second guess yourself all the time as an imposter for ages. But eventually it settles down and then you're just being paid to code all day, which is awesome.

I'm a moderator at the forum, btw. Feel free to drop in and ping me specifically if you ask a question noone picks up on. User name there is @JacksonBates as well.

@JacksonBates Hi there, always interested to see another software developer pop up, also anyone involved in education :)
I'm curious what kind of software you work on?

I've been working in mobile games for about 14 years now, took a break to build less interesting things when we started our family but managed to get myself a job working from home with flexible hours so got back into it.

@jamesg I'm not in education these days, unless Machine Learning counts :)

I mostly work on an internal product at a machine learning company, with a little bit of client work too. I work on the front end aspects of some machine learning tools, and develop some of the supporting back end stuff too. But I don't really touch the ML models.

@JacksonBates Another code monkey who also loves poetry & English? Excellent! I'm a fan of Neruda and e e cummings and like to write shitty poetry myself when time & energy allow (in other words, before kids).

@Roceal Neruda has been on my to-read list forever, but I've still never gotten around to him. What poem/s would you recommend as a jumping off point?

@JacksonBates Somewhere in a box I have a copy of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair that I quite like. It has the original Spanish on the left and the English on the right hand page.

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