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I'm a part-time software engineer and stay-at-home-dad. I used to be a high-school English teacher, but cured me of that.

I love poetry but don't read enough of it.

I hate arguing online but I do way too much of it.

I try to seek out people with different life experiences to me, so if I follow you and you wonder if I'm gonna be problematic and tell you you're wrong, I'm actually just listening in and hoping to learn something.

I'd probably block me. YMMV

Less fun:

Since moving house, the dog has taken to shitting on the rug.

I've started contributing to Open Food Network.

It's an AngularJS app on Rails, written in haml and coffeescript.

I barely recognise anything, but it's fun!

I moved house on Friday, and it was beset with loads of delays, finance issues, legal issues and at times looked like not only would we not move, but we'd lose 60k in the process.

Finally in and breathing normally again - I genuinely feel lighter and noticeably happy now that it's all over.

Still ended up about 22k out of pocket, but so happy to be done with it that it *almost* doesn't matter!

I'm currently working on a react-jsonschema-form schema generator powered by a react-jsonschema-form form.

2yo running around hotel room in Bali refusing to out nappy on.

2 mins later: sorry daddy, I dropped wee

I randomly stumbled upon The Adventure Zone and dispite having never played DnD I'm now really hooked

Happy Father's Day, Aussie Dads of 'Don

Crank up the Warren Zevon and eat pancakes

Bird site, React 

My favourite part of the recent React troubles over on :birdsite:

This is amazing - just some random passer-by interjecting with 'What is React?' amidst all the thrashing around as bros try to stomach Dan's apology.

Gives me hope for the world, y'know

Got my first taste of graphql today.

I don't hate it


thanks to the help of people ON mastodon, i think i can write a frontend FOR mastodon that pretty much replicates the experience of mid-2000s myspace


- just a frontend
- the same experience as myspace
- no need to rewrite an activitypub implementation
- may be able to use any mastodon/activitypub backend
- written in Lisp, so it's awesome
- custom profile layouts in HTML and CSS like the old myspace

am i missing anything?


JS Twitter is wild at the moment

Day two of clojurescript.

Think I can add 'functional programmer' to my LinkedIn yet?

The computer science concept of NaN was invented by Alan Turing to represent Not all Nazis. Any expression with NaN always evaluates to false.

I normally don't use my mic on PUBG mobile because team mates are usually asshats.

Today I had to break my silence because an air drop pinned me and I had to tell a team mate to park a car near me so I could enter the vehicle to get out from under the crate.

Fun times.

I get 'likes' on social media, blogs and forums.

'Dislikes' need to die in a fucking fire though.

If you thumbs down something, you don't deserve thumbs.

I was excited to see PUBG have a 'Krafton Game Union' byline on the splash screen and was thinking how cool it is to see game devs unionise and publicise that fact.

Then I discovered that the company Bluehole just rebranded as Krafton Game Union, and it is in fact NOT a union.

So, yeah.


I like Society in particular.

It's got the same energy as Jason Isbell's Anxiety, in that it feels a bit cringe on the first listen for naming the thing a little too plainly, but then it being a really excellent song cancels it out. Really digging it.

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Really enjoying the album All You Have is All You Need by Ainslie Wills.

Really smart songs, pretty chill.

She's put the whole album here by the looks of it:

Today's parenting mood is: resentment.

I know, I know... They're a blessing

The 2yo blessing woke up after I'd been asleep for an hour and then screamed at me for the next hour and a half.

Then he woke us up at 5:30 to start the day.

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