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Adding some tags to the above

Non-obvious interests:


And since I'll probably post / connect with people around my work stuff too, here's the stack I work with:

Also increasingly interested in (but no progress with learning it yet)

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My last was back in June 2019, so I guess a refresher couldn't hurt!

I'm mostly a tired father of 2 that started skateboarding as a mid-life crisis kind of thing. My arm still hurts from a fall a couple of weeks ago...

I'm a software dev in Melbourne, Australia, working at a company so small they made me CTO.

I'm, like, Junior-CTO at best, tbh.

I used to be a high school English teacher, so I get a bit too 'splainy and monologuey from time to time.

Previous intro:

Spent quite a bit of today writing a dirty bash script to update my IP address in various AWS security groups.

Here's the 30-day bandwith usage on We're a fairly small instance and we use Object Storage for media, so users downloading images and video aren't included here. What kind of numbers are other instances doing I wonder? #admin

trying to follow this instruction:

talk about the things you love, even if you think nobody cares.

people won't ask for it at least at first, but some of them will care

and it's attractive to see someone talk about the things they love.

let go of the notion that it's worthless if you don't get a minimum number of listeners, reactions, replies.

practice caring publicly about the things you care about.

I think this is a good reminder for me. I never liked being shy anyway

Voting (prob last one, I know it's boring after a while) 

They should order the ballot paper from left to right physically as they map the parties from left to right politically

I know that's a fraught proposal, but likely no more fraught than folks accidentally voting for cryptofacists with innocent sounding names

Plus then I could just number them sequentially from the left :blobcatdance:


Seriously though, how do you rank One Nation and UAP? It's a real 'would you rather burn alive or be stung to death by murder hornets?' kinda question

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Voting, gross 

Looked at the HTV for house of reps for my number 1 pick, and we do not agree about the other 5.

Still... it's more a case of ranking turds by smell and texture on that one, so discrepancies are fine and ultimately meaningless

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Picking 6 for the senate was tricky, but I did the research and persisted.

Then I checked the HTV suggestion from my 1 pick and we had the same 6 in the exact same order.

So I feel pretty good about the consistency of my beliefs, and those I'm voting for!

Who I gotta bribe to make voice assistants not know about the live versions of songs?

I never, not ever, want the live version.

So I guess I should do an #introduction post.

Hi! I'm snipe (aka snipeyhead on :birdsite:). I created #snipeit, an open source IT Asset Management system written in #laravel, and I run a company called Grokability. Been in tech for over 20 years and have co-written a few books, the latest of which is #ReinventingCybersecurity, which you can download for free here:

I speak at conferences about #AppSec and other things.

More here:


I half remember a tale about Twitter falling over because they ran out of primary keys on their notifications back in the day...

Is that accurate? I can't find anything about it online with a hasty search.

Does anyone have a link to a write up / post mortem or know where I might have heard that tale ages ago?

Can anyone confirm it?

(I know it's technically possible if you use ints as your primary key - just wondering if it was true about Twitter in particular)

#ReactJS next.js laravel question 

Alright nerds. Help me lazyweb this:

Let's say I want to get some SSR React stuff happening, but the whole backend is a Laravel API I ain't rewriting.

Currently React (client-side) just pings the api and the various components just fill up when they're ready.

If I wanted to SSR this sort of thing, do I do that with NextJS and have something like a node server acting as a bridge, or does Next work with Laravel without an extra hop in between.

Or do I actually have to rewrite the api if I wanna do this?

Or are there even better options my feeble mind hasn't thought of?

Got into a discussion with someone on Twitter about what makes a programming language "good for beginners". They seemed to want to talk about syntax and stuff. My questions are:

- how hard is it to install
- how easily can you import useful data and output results in a useful format
- how likely is a beginner to know someone who can help them solve problems they run into
- how many resources (tutorials, example code) are out there
- can you easily do all this without the command line

Some folks I used to like following on :birdsite: are making their way over again.

If you don't know her, @snipe is worth a follow if you're interested in tech, ethical work practices, getting salty at unreasonable open source issue openers, shitposting and general good human-ness.

Mundane gratitude:

I have not internalised bin night at the new place yet.

Luckily, new place is in a court.

I heard the truck doing the rounds and had just enough time to dash outside in light rain across a wet front yard and put both bins on the other side of the street in my pyjamas.

Also grateful it's pyjamas weather.

Nudey run with the bins would have been less fun.

There are other Jackson Bateses.

One wanted to buy my Instagram handle.

One was in some reality TV show about a large evangelical family in the states.

One had a father that was squatting for over a decade, until he let it lapse and I bought it for $12.

But Dr Bates is my favourite.

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Dr Jackson Bates thinks my email address is his.

I get lots of medical spam.

I get notified that he's having trouble logging in to my dormant Facebook account.

His Elsevier access will be revoked in 14 days if he doesn't log in (with my email address)

I often wonder about him.

Hope he's having a good, email free, day.

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