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Adding some tags to the above

Non-obvious interests:


And since I'll probably post / connect with people around my work stuff too, here's the stack I work with:

Also increasingly interested in (but no progress with learning it yet)

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My last was back in June 2019, so I guess a refresher couldn't hurt!

I'm mostly a tired father of 2 that started skateboarding as a mid-life crisis kind of thing. My arm still hurts from a fall a couple of weeks ago...

I'm a software dev in Melbourne, Australia, working at a company so small they made me CTO.

I'm, like, Junior-CTO at best, tbh.

I used to be a high school English teacher, so I get a bit too 'splainy and monologuey from time to time.

Previous intro:

ABC couldn't find a picture of a non-fictional woman that was good at chess? 🤨

Son woke me up at 3:30 this morning and I didn't go back to sleep so today is gonna be painful

Learn a new technology, they said.
It'll be fun, they said.

Health / allergies (-) 

So apparently I'm allergic to ArmaForce / Andrographis...

Taken it before with no problems, but just had it again an hour ago and my whole body is itchy as fuck.

Hands and feet bright red and itchy.

Supposed to be working but can't concentrate at all!

Database documentation as praxis 

This, in the docs of a DB library:

"The single most sensitive class of information with the most ramifications, bar none, concerns people. Information about people is necessarily political, and modeling a system in which humans participate both reflects and reinforces the politics of the modeler. Who enters or is entered into the system, in what capacities, with which characteristics assumed important or unimportant, visible to whom: politics, every bit of it. "

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Database documentation as poetry 

Love it

"Complicated systems, meanwhile, are merely made up of a lot of individual parts, each acting and being acted upon with the rhythm of a clock or an engine. It's possible to encode histories in and define behaviors for a database, but doing so is a strictly top-down exercise; no seemingly-emergent characteristic of a data model is ever anything more than a deterministic bug. Elements of a data model interact with others, but always the same others in the same ways. And some elements are to representation in a database as a screen door is to a submarine, adding at best only an extra point of mechanical failure."

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Database documentation as poetry 

Reading the Prisma docs and found this lovely section on data modelling (it's more theory than true product docs - sorely missing when it comes to DB stuff usually!)

It's really well written - I really like it!

Back from holiday and trying to gee myself up for work.

... not feeling it

Just finished reading Consider Phlebas - Player of Games up next

Delayed requited lost earworm 

There was a jazz song I had stuck in my head for years that I couldn't remember the name of or the name of the band I heard do it live.

I gave up on hearing it again, and then randomly today I was waiting for pizza in a shop in Bali, they happened to be playing some completely unrelated jazz, and it just happened to unlock some part of my brain enough to remember the name of the band: The Fellowship.

Got back on the hotel wifi and tracked the song down on YouTube: One Shining Soul.

Pretty satisfying rediscovery.

Pizza was good too.

Got up at 5am for a flight.

Delayed :(

Lucky I didn't wake the kids up yet so they get a sleep in

Help me track down a thing I read...

It's a long article about someone incidentally discovering his wife is probably the best Tetris player in the world and they go on a road trip to some particular arcade that hosts world record attempts

Ringing any bells for anyone?

The cup of tea to microwave to microwave to microwave to sink pipeline

I reached for something in the backseat while driving without the necessary 30 minutes of pre-reach stretching you have to do at my age apparently

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