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I don't mean to characterize it as monolithic, because there are additional local cruelties specific to different representatives of what I'm calling "mainline Christianity"

there are broadly-agreed upon tenets of how salvation works that cross many major splits within Christianity that are unbelievably cruel, and to me fundamentally incompatible with the concept of an "ethical" monodeity

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Hi. I’m just joined. Not sure how I missed Mastodon. Looks cool.

I’m a Queenslander, fairly interested in most things.

Atheist, Positive Discipliner, Farm Hand, and teaching myself programming. I like subatomic manipulations, particularly for energy. That is Solar & Nuclear, or any other that comes up. Environmentalism, pragmatic progressive centralism. Kinder, not a winder.

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The second wave of the 1918 flu was far worse than the first. People, buoyed up by the apparent success of their quarantines, flooded into public spaces, triggering a wave that hit a world whose medical staff and resources were in tatters.

Sound familiar?

Dr Sara Cody is Sta Clara County's health officer, a prescient health official who triggered the first lockdown in California, saving untold lives.


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Don't fall for it. Masquerading as people they're not to sow division and stir shit up is a classic white supremacist tactic.

It doesn't matter how much you think Stealing Is Cool™ or whatever. Don't play into their hands. You're better than that.

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A lot of the arson, looting, and vandalism is being done by white people who openly don't give a fuck about #BLM. Black people are taking the blame for things they didn't even do.

If you want to be an ally, help decolonise Black Lives Matter.

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I'm genuinely surprised there doesn't appear to be a Linux equivalent of Little Snitch for macOS. It's an application firewall that alerts the user when an application makes an outbound network connection and gives the user the ability to allow or deny the connection based on domain, port, duration, and more.
OpenSnitch was supposed to work like this, but it's been discontinued.
Is anyone aware of other projects?
#foss #firewall #security

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Hey #Python...

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Hi friends!

I've been a lifelong lurker in the #foss community. I've always wanted to contribute in some meaningful way, but I don't have too much experience coding outside of the shell. I do have some prior experience in #python and #javascript but my interests are #lisp and #rust.

My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

How can I get started making an impact?

#foss #help #contribute #giveback #thanks

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Hi all, I'm new at mastodon in general. I'm a lisper (mainly common lisp, novice schemer, love all the lisps). I work with Igalia's compiler team on WebAssembly formal spec and WebAssembly support in Firefox (c++). Free Open Source Software proponent, and free open knowledge for everyone. I am also a logician, used to work on set theory years ago.

Thanks @phoe for introducing me to functional cafe! Looking forward to fun times talking about any #lisp dialect.

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Also the radiotoxicity of the HLW goes down much faster than you could think because whatever activists are talking about, they'd always highlight the isotope with the longest half-time even if it's present at microscopic amounts.

Again, in reality only after 10 years the radiotoxicity of HLW is reduced to 30% of the original value! In 100 years it's 7% etc and it then goes asymptotically down to the background levels.

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As we remember the 1986 Chernobyl tragedy, it's worth also reminding that ~400 other #nuclear reactors worldwide continue operate uninterrupted for the last half century providing stable and clean electricity.

Three remaining Chernobyl reactors continued to operate safely to 2000.Even after Chernobyl closure Ukraine's energy sector continues to produce electricity at relatively low CO2 intensity thanks to #nuclear plants - today it's 240 gCO2eq/kWh while Germany is at... 230.

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