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Are there any enthusiasts, or experts, or even just aspiring dilettantes, (like me!) in or similar music software, on this list? Maybe I should look for a community dovoted to such. Any ideas?

Had the closest and loudest lighting/thunder combo ever in my entire life, about 30 mins ago. Looked to have hit something about two houses away. I saw the glowing thread of the lightning disappear down over the side fence.

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#public transport 

I've heard a few commuters say that the 'upside' to the pandemic has been that they've had an entire train carriage to themselves. This might be great for the individual, but the broader effect is worrying. Even at the best of times, PT providers cry poor because we don't have the numbers to justify system upgrades to the standards of, say, Japan - leaving aside that this is just BS, we do need more people on PT to keep them viable and to take more polluting cars off the roads.

Check out this amazing image of a storm two days ago over Mundubbera in Queensland. Click on the image to get the big view.

Hi Aus.Social people

I'm another refugee from Facebook (I detect a few others of that ilk here I think?) I'm hoping that a combination of Mastodon and Inkl will make up for — nay, improve upon! — what I have become far too reliant on Facebook for. Hi to everyone on; a new life in the off-world colonies!


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya