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Playing a music game with @Thewitchdoctor.

Let's listen to the other gamer's song now.


1️⃣ I switch to the Discreet launcher
2️⃣ Clear all apps from my mobile screen except the apps I want to stream
3️⃣ Forcefully close all messenger-type apps so that messages won't pop up during the stream

@maxi last time I talked with my neurodivergent relative...she had adopted, as so many sadly have, the media wording that "hackers are bad". I can see through that and I discovered Richard Stallman's version of what a hacker is: Somebody who engages in "".

Do you identify as any kind of hacker that's been defined by others or do you have your own personal definition of what type of hacker you are?(in case you actually identify as one)

@maxi I'm not from Australia but I network with a neurodivergent relative from there.

* Πέμπτη
- Πρωί
* Breakfast
- Αυγά
* Chicken
- Σταύλος
* Dressing
- Τραυματίας
* Hospital
- Coronavirus

@Thewitchdoctor in less than 2 minutes the next gamer was really quick with choosing a song. This was the choice:


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We are listening to "Katy Perry - Smile" now.

Because I was rambling instead of picking a song, I came up with a rule which will prevent my future and I will lose my turn if I don't pick a song in 10 minutes.

The time starts counting down/up after the next player's song.

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Playing a music game with @Thewitchdoctor.

Let's listen to the other gamer's song now.

Sia has made a movie called "Music"?

My friend says it is related to .

I don't know anything.

Thinking about getting a . A router that can work by using firmware not necessarily written by the company which sold the router product itself.

Might get something that is compatible with or .

Me and my relative are watching this video/"" with the title "IJS does a TED Talk about living with autism and being on the spectrum."

Maybe its not a TED Talk but it is a video/VOD

Gonna add replies as various ""

Same video.

"I have never seen anyone peel bananas and put them in a basket, that is weird"...

...while inside a supermarket doing the shopping, let's put things in


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