So I fell in a hole on youtube which lead me to this. Which lead me to a cool story of maritime union members refusing to load ships bound for Japan in the years before world war 2. Interesting stuff.

Shinichiro Watanabe knocks it out of the park again. Carole & Tuesday is great.

How many times in a day can I watch Toy Story 3?

At least once more, says my son.

Excellent turnout in Adelaide even with the threat of a thunderstorm. The local Commies and AnPrims were representing, no surprise there.

I just had someone try to claim that Neoliberalism is the closest we've come to ending poverty.

Oh, an LNP member wants to abolish the minimum wage you say?

Good luck, you Neo-Liberal idiots.

After a night of sleeping on the couch, watching over my son with gastro, my wife has realised that my accusations were correct. She is a blanket hog.

So this will be my sat night/Sun morn. Watching a potential gastro child like a hawk.

Fun times ahead....also sleep deprivation.

Markets shuddered as the bond yield curve has inverted in the US. We now cross to live footage of the current United States President addressing the nation.

I had a haircut. Mistakes were made. I'm now practically bald.

I should really continue studying for CCNA....but I only get 4 child free hours per day. It's difficult to give that up when World of Warships is calling.

I like this weather. Also, water is leaking i under my front door because rain is coming in sideways.

A double edged sword.

My friend just asked me "Why must we work?" and then told me he'd begun reaing r/latestagecapitalism and is starting to realise that everything is broken.

He's taken the first steps, and I'm very proud of him.

Heavily armed police just strolling around Adelaide. Cool. Cool.....wait, no! The other thing!

Wildly unnecessary! That's the one!

So my neighbour was robbed today and is asking me for footage from my security cameras.
But I put up those cameras after he slashed my in-laws tyres while they were staying with us.

Is irony the word I'm looking for?

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