While I've had a difficult time staying focused on getting my work completed for the last few days, I've still been uploading public domain artwork onto Zazzle regardless, and now I have 75 items listed. If anyone wants to see my uploads, here's the link: zazzle.com/store/systemtermina

Be aware that I'm NOT advertising anything, I'm just showing you a series of artwork (that happens to be on various pieces of merchandise). If you do want to buy something, more power to you.

Its a jungle in my room, now that my cats, Tara and Vegas, are in here :awesome:

I'm using Zazzle to upload public domain artwork so I can sell it as various types of merchandise. While it is a bit annoying to use at first, and the annoyances I've encountered so far should have an undo feature, I should get the hang of it eventually. Because I unfortunately come from a family of normies, I should be able to eventually prove to them that I don't need a 9-5 job just to get somewhere.


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