Kids, let me tell you a scary story about “smart” devices of the past and how they handled daylight saving time. A thread.

Clare: ‘We have Bloody Mary cocktails for Christmas breakfast every year: it’s sacrilicious!”
Elder Child: ‘Sacreligion.’
Clare: ‘No, sacrilicious.’
EC: ‘No, sack religion.’
Me: ‘Like they sacked Carthage.’
EC: ‘Omg dad
Me: ‘Fair fair. Too much salt.’

*we all crack up*

Ah yes family laffs

I didn’t have any real interest in the House of the Dragon show (end of GoT ruined that entire IP for me) nor the Lord of the Rings show. But friends said they were pretty cool so I watched the first Dragon one and it wasn’t bad. Watched the first LotR one and it was interesting enough that I’m watching the second episode now.

I choose to believe Lifeblood is my gang name now and Red Cross Australia is just giving me respect:

It was a paraphrasing of “No thing beside remains. Round the decay/Of that Colossal Wreck, boundiess and bare,/
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

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Yesterday I quoted the last few lines of Ozymandias to my 20yo (can’t remember the context, maybe something around work disasters) and they totally got the joke.

My (one of my) D&D characters is a necromancer called Alchemy (her wealthy parents believed in nominative determinism; to their dismay, children do not work that way). Alchemy is currently on an escort mission reading ‘Through the Eye of the Tusk’, sequel to ‘Tusk Love’, and looking forward to the third instalment, ‘From Tusk to Beard’, and then ‘Fifty Shades of Ivory’. It’s a long long escort mission.

Elder Child is well into their journey into Dungeonmastering. Pics of them gleefully preparing for the session and comfortably telling us all what is what in our feywild adventuring. This is some generational shifting since the rest of the party is adults who’ve been playing for 30+ years and their IRL children, now 16-20yo o_O

On the final stretch of Stranger Things s4. Movie length finale here I come!

Hey, so my much smarter IT nerd mate Lucas just joined the tooter-verse over on @duckaroy. He’s an expat Aussie from Mackay living in London like some kind of revere coloniser so give him the respect he deserves :P

Haven’t been to a concert since the before times, so when this appeared in my inbox I had a roller coaster of emotions 😂

But yes, season 4 is really good and if you kind of tapped out halfway through s3 but don’t have the energy to watch that first, good news: you don’t really have to. Maybe just watch the finale of s3 then boop on into s4.

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Finally caught up on all of Stranger Things (season 4 is just amazing) and I get to be the Gen-X hipster who always knew Kate Bush was cool before she apparently became cool again.

Mind you, the way they cut that song up was very annoying 😆

I can’t really say anything else without spoilers but [spoilers] just made me roll my eyes. This must be how Star Trek fans feel watching the drek of Picard s2: like your favourite band just decided to start phoning it in. Fuck off Star Wars, please just die already. O_o

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Ok I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of Obi-Wan now and I’m done. It’s direct-to-tv quality rubbish with none of the stylishness of Mando. The acting is mostly average and tiresome (Ewan is ok I guess, and young Leia is cool enough), but it all feels sooooo dull. None of this is helped by telling a prequel story, of course, with all the associated narrative chains.

Gawd I fucking hate the new plex logo typeface. It’s just the worst and I thought I would just get used to it … but nope, every time I hate it anew. I don’t even know why.

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