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Rallies are great for networking, up-skilling and building solidarity. Every time we rally we build confidence. Every time we march we are practising for the day we take resistance seriously: the day we take the streets and refuse to move.

Meet us:

The state is threatened by caring people talking and sharing ideas with each other.

The strength of our resistance, and the strong networks we form, is what scares them the most.

This thread and all the comments are on point. Every single byte.


We are informed that the bail conditions set for people since 27 June 2022 include a prohibition on "Possessing or having access to an encrypted communication device and/or possessing an encrypted application/media application".


People who say 'too little too late' on climate are mostly people who've never even tried.
Disruptive protest: bringing you the vote, the 8 hour day, Land Rights, equal pay, the abolition of slavery and ... maybe ... a liveable earth.

"1000s dead as heatwave hits UK" The Times
"Aus Ecosystems Collapsing" Aus Geographic
"Atlantic Ocean Pretty Much Dead" Global Ocean Enviro Survey
"Change is coming whether you like it or not" Greta Thunberg
Connect with on Aug 6 to make the change we need.

Direct action means thinking and acting for ourselves.

It means finding another way, instead of validating the slow, ineffective and inaccessible mechanisms that exist within the system to ask for change.

Local Meet Ups to >>

Australia is doing everything it can to preserve a system of organised exploitation, but the number of people stoking the fire is growing.

The network of solidarity, support, and commitment across this continent is getting stronger.

Come and be a part of organised resistance.

Civil disobedience saves rivers, forests, lives


The Franklin River would not have been saved from damming if environmental protestors had not broken the law, Minister


To topple the might of this empire we need a powerful opposition.

People have come together to demonstrate what an active resistance force can look like and Australia has escalated its response to all those opposing it.

We must continue to resist. Join us on Aug 6.

Blockade Australia acknowledges that jails on this continent are full of people who should be walking free. Abolish the prison-industrial complex (3/3)

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Support for jailed and persecuted climate activists has been huge. Solidarity is the currency of the future! It is priceless and crucial for our ongoing resistance to exploitation and extraction (2/3)

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BREAKING: Jailed climate activists Tim and Max released on bail!

Tim, Max and 8 other climate activists of the Blockade Australia network plead not guilty to all of the absurd charges laid by police.

Oppressive, unprecedented bail conditions remain in place for everyone (1/3)

Today 7 people are facing court for outrageous charges from NSW Police.

2 of these people are Max & Tim, denied bail & held in prison for planning to resist Australia’s climate destruction.

No one should be kept in a cage.

The state violence experienced by BA represents a tiny fraction of the volume of violence directed at First Nations Peoples on this continent since 1788. End the colony.

They are trying to silence these voices, but we are powerful together. Resistance will continue. The climate movement is global & its growing and evolving.
Join us, its now or never.

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