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BREAKING: Jailed climate activists Tim and Max released on bail!

Tim, Max and 8 other climate activists of the Blockade Australia network plead not guilty to all of the absurd charges laid by police.

Oppressive, unprecedented bail conditions remain in place for everyone (1/3)

Today 7 people are facing court for outrageous charges from NSW Police.

2 of these people are Max & Tim, denied bail & held in prison for planning to resist Australia’s climate destruction.

No one should be kept in a cage.

The state violence experienced by BA represents a tiny fraction of the volume of violence directed at First Nations Peoples on this continent since 1788. End the colony.

They are trying to silence these voices, but we are powerful together. Resistance will continue. The climate movement is global & its growing and evolving.
Join us, its now or never.

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Stay tuned and keep the raging!


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