Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, legal observers are meant to be protected from police interference so that, like media, they can fulfil their duty of free and fair observation.

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In Sydney, a volunteer legal observer was arrested for being on the street. Alongside 34 protesters, they faced a maximum sentence of 2 years jail & a $22,000 fine under NSW’s new draconian anti-protest laws.


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LNG Baustelle auch dauerhaft blockiert 🛠️

Der Bau von LNG Terminals ist ein Klimaverbrechen. Deshalb haben wir gestern die LNG Baustelle nicht nur mit unseren Körpern blockiert, sondern die Werkzeuge der Zerstörung auch dauerhafter außer Betrieb gesetzt.

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The reason the state knows we are powerful is because we are not isolated individuals. We are a part of a global wave of direct action, obstruction, disruption & cultivation that is opening the possibility for a world without exploitation or ecocide.

While we resist every day; in our communities, workplaces & universities we are calling on you to commit to growing the resistance by preparing to mobilise with us & unite in centralised moments to challenge the facade of this colony, as a whole > blockadeaustralia.com/sign-up/

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Yesterday, we had meet-ups in 13 different places on this continent and schemed and dreamed of ways to grow our resistance to Australia’s climate and ecological destruction.

Thanks to all the new faces that showed up!

This NASA visualization shows monthly global temperature anomalies (changes from an average) between the years 1880 and 2021. Whites and blues indicate cooler temperatures, while oranges and reds show warmer temperatures.

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The climate spiral is terrifying. The clock is sitting at five after midnight. Climate scientists are now urging humans to to shut down destructive systems using .

The crisis is escalating. The climate is collapsing.

Our survival depends on our resistance.

Too little too late is the new climate denialism. It is never too late to do what's right. The rich and powerful killing our planet can be stopped. Are you ready to stop them?

Australia is hurtling us blindly towards a cliff edge from which there is no return.

We need to get in the way of a system that's blocking paths to safety, before we lose any chance we've got.

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The rich and powerful will continue to hoard money while millions of people are displaced from heatwaves, famine, floods and fires.

The system that is failing to respond to the climate crisis is the same one that caused it.

Rallies are great for networking, up-skilling and building solidarity. Every time we rally we build confidence. Every time we march we are practising for the day we take resistance seriously: the day we take the streets and refuse to move.

Meet us: facebook.com/BlockadeAustralia

The state is threatened by caring people talking and sharing ideas with each other.

The strength of our resistance, and the strong networks we form, is what scares them the most.


This thread and all the comments are on point. Every single byte.

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We are informed that the bail conditions set for @BlockadeAus@twitter.com people since 27 June 2022 include a prohibition on "Possessing or having access to an encrypted communication device and/or possessing an encrypted application/media application".

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People who say 'too little too late' on climate are mostly people who've never even tried.

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