In Sydney, a volunteer legal observer was arrested for being on the street. Alongside 34 protesters, they faced a maximum sentence of 2 years jail & a $22,000 fine under NSW’s new draconian anti-protest laws.



LNG Baustelle auch dauerhaft blockiert 🛠️

Der Bau von LNG Terminals ist ein Klimaverbrechen. Deshalb haben wir gestern die LNG Baustelle nicht nur mit unseren Körpern blockiert, sondern die Werkzeuge der Zerstörung auch dauerhafter außer Betrieb gesetzt.


Yesterday, we had meet-ups in 13 different places on this continent and schemed and dreamed of ways to grow our resistance to Australia’s climate and ecological destruction.

Thanks to all the new faces that showed up!

The climate spiral is terrifying. The clock is sitting at five after midnight. Climate scientists are now urging humans to to shut down destructive systems using .

The crisis is escalating. The climate is collapsing.

Our survival depends on our resistance.

Too little too late is the new climate denialism. It is never too late to do what's right. The rich and powerful killing our planet can be stopped. Are you ready to stop them?

The rich and powerful will continue to hoard money while millions of people are displaced from heatwaves, famine, floods and fires.

The system that is failing to respond to the climate crisis is the same one that caused it.

Rallies are great for networking, up-skilling and building solidarity. Every time we rally we build confidence. Every time we march we are practising for the day we take resistance seriously: the day we take the streets and refuse to move.

Meet us:

"1000s dead as heatwave hits UK" The Times
"Aus Ecosystems Collapsing" Aus Geographic
"Atlantic Ocean Pretty Much Dead" Global Ocean Enviro Survey
"Change is coming whether you like it or not" Greta Thunberg
Connect with on Aug 6 to make the change we need.

Direct action means thinking and acting for ourselves.

It means finding another way, instead of validating the slow, ineffective and inaccessible mechanisms that exist within the system to ask for change.

Local Meet Ups to >>

Australia is doing everything it can to preserve a system of organised exploitation, but the number of people stoking the fire is growing.

The network of solidarity, support, and commitment across this continent is getting stronger.

Come and be a part of organised resistance.

To topple the might of this empire we need a powerful opposition.

People have come together to demonstrate what an active resistance force can look like and Australia has escalated its response to all those opposing it.

We must continue to resist. Join us on Aug 6.

Today 7 people are facing court for outrageous charges from NSW Police.

2 of these people are Max & Tim, denied bail & held in prison for planning to resist Australia’s climate destruction.

No one should be kept in a cage.

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