@Zaphod69 Very wind this weekend, , farm work can wait, might have to sit in front of heater and enjoy a drink instead

@Zaphod69 We just brewed up a Aussie Red Rum 42% mixed with ginger beer, it makes a drink called Dark & Stormy, very nice going down well, wish you was here, lol

I have 5 rescue Dogs, 8 rescued Cats, two gagglies of Geese, 3 flocks of Ducks and hen house of Chickens. What animals share your life?

Our hobby is making top shelf Spirits, in our still, we run a Turbo 500. Have a Elderflower Gin in distiller now. Anytime of day is a good time to beGIN, lol

Still feeling my way around Mastodon. Hello to all out there.


Welcome to thundertoot! A Mastodon Instance for 'straya