We'd be in a much better position today, as a country, if the PM had secretly become Minister for Getting in the Sea last year.

It's never too late to though!

The Committee to Appease Poseidon would like to offer its congratulations to our imminent new Prime Minister and would welcome news of a clear commitment to getting in the sea as soon as possible. It's time for some real change.

In ages past, it was tradition to before any great journey.

As we all go to the polls today, we call for the Liberal Party to send the current Prime Minister into the sea immediately to ensure their good fortune.

Do not risk Poseidon's displeasure!

A Federal ICAC is a good idea, but an even better idea is for the Prime Minister to get in the sea.

The sea is pure and none who bravely face Poseidon for judgement can hide any deceit.

The path to an honest government leads directly into the sea.

This tragic event could not have happened if the Prime Minister was in the sea today, cradled in Poseidon's arms.

For the safety of every child in Australia, the Prime Minister must get in the sea!

now. Please, think of the children!

We've seen the Committee to Appease Poseidon described as a "single issue" organisation. This could not be further from the truth.

We are a SINGLE SOLUTION group. All the ills that plague us can be solved if the Prime Minister gets in the sea.

We must now.

Unlike a submarine, our Prime Minister could be launched into the sea without any expensive or specialised facilities.

Australia has approximately 12,000 beaches, any one of which could be used to rapidly deploy our Prime Minister into the sea at short notice.

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Why wait many years for a fleet of nuclear submarines when the Prime Minister could get in the sea today?

There is no better way to defend our shores than to immediately.

To date 100% of Australian Prime Ministers who have gone into the sea have come from the Liberal Party.

The Committee to Appease Poseidon calls upon the ALP, if elected, to commit sending a Prime Minister into the sea immediately upon taking office to address this imbalance.

In adjusted values, houses in Australia are five times more expensive now than they were 50 years ago. This could be directly attributable to our Prime Minister failing to go into the sea since 1967.

If we want affordable housing, we must now.

Today would be a great day to ask your local candidates about their policy on the Prime Minister getting into the sea. Poseidon must be appeased.


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