well anyway, here's the best screenshot I can get, this is the core of my most recent openttd network, though I started a mainline along the coast off to the top left which is pretty extensive at this point

this was the first industry I focused on, and remains my biggest station complex. Furnace is the drop-off for raw materials (iron ore, coal, scrap metal), Gefingway Woods is the pickup for steel: one set of platforms feed back into the previous screenshot downward, the others directly to the aforementioned new mainline. Sutfield Woods is a separate drop-off for a couple of nearby raw material industries

this is the largest junction in my network. you can see two sets of doubled lines going bottom-right to top-left (just about in the latter case, there's branch lines quite close to the junction!). those lines came later: the big station is off to the top-right and started being supplied from the bottom-left, you can just about see single lines in each direction there, but the top-right has a station right in the middle which muddles things substantially


@Odd_Bloke can they mostly run full speed through that?

@AcidBurn mostly, yeah! the primary traffic is between top-left and top-right, rather than through traffic, so it's optimised/grew from that

@Odd_Bloke Nice! It's such a good feeling watching them move through junctions smoothly :)

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