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Yay! It's more than just a landing page - my Gemini capsule is up :)


I'll add Gemlogs (blogs) as I go. I'm really happy with how it looks and feels too, minimalism is a fun artistic constraint.

I have a landing page up for http as well, but it'll stay a landing page:

And I'm happy with how it looks too, for the record ;)

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Hello! I'm Semaphore :)

In a nutshell, I spend my time being a dad, a step-dad, a partner, a worker, a volunteer, a friend, and tired. I really enjoy playing games & computer games with my friends and the kids, and doing the odd creative project, usually some kind of music or writing.

I'm here for chilled chat and general fun nonsense. :) I'm also looking into a Raspberry Pi or something similar to run a Gemini server and perhaps a Pixelfed instance.

In the last year I've settled on using a pseudonym for a couple of reasons;

First, I find I self-censor in strange ways when I feel I'm in hyper-public environments. I've had cause to be in hyper-public positions during my volunteering, and at least locally, I am again now. This is fine, but I seem to always avoid Crossing The Streams with different parts of my life. With a pseudonym I've found liberty in talking about the merits of community work, ethical non-monogamy, and Minecraft, all in the same few minutes and with the same people.

Secondly, I have a nostalgia for late-90s internet. The way I see it is, as imperfect as it was, the barriers to its use necessarily created a community of people interested in broadly similar things, and this shared experience made us much less prone to creating or perpetuating the flaming latrine-pit we now endure in almost all shared spaces on our beloved internet. And we, if you remember, never used our government names.

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war, ukr rus 

I've come across quite a good little daily podcast which tries to cover this absolute mess. It tries (quite successfully I think) to be as impartial as possible.

If you know of anything similar (text or podcast) then please send me a link!

Malcontent News podcast RSS:

Swooped by Plovers - that's not happened to me before 🤣

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Lead is a significant problem in backyard soil in Australian cities. Interesting article about the lead levels in eggs from backyard chooks. Ideally if you're going to grow your own food, it's better to do it in the outer suburbs or regional areas, away from main roads. I think probably a big part of the problem goes back to leaded petrol.

Goodness gracious that's a loud death-rattle coming from the US!

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Ms 10: Why did the fly fly? 

Because the spider spied'er!

Jazz: Where nobody can agree about metre, key or tempo, and nobody cares.

If I write it on the novelty blackboard then that makes it true, right? 🤣

I somehow managed to, and some would say "against all odds", buy crunchy peanut butter.

I really don't get it:

1. Be dog owner
2. Take dog to sports field, even though it has a "no dogs" sign *and* it's right next to a dedicated dog park
3. Allow dog to shit on sports field
4. Take dog home, but not dog's shit
5. Presume someone else will pick up shit so people using the sports field for sport won't get covered in it

I really just don't get it

About to try Hell Let Loose on my Ubuntu install. Here's hoping the work for Steam Deck has helped!!

Does anyone have any different recent experience yet, particularly with Easy AntiCheat?

Haha my partner just got an amazing email:

Do you need a Wikipedia page? Don't spend $1500 - $2500 with the agent of a Wikipedia Page Author, come straight to us to have it much cheaper!


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Issue 31 of #smolZINE is up now. Check out some hidden gems, play some games and read a little piece I wrote about velomobiles.



Really fun oldskool d&b, jungle, break-ish playing on TildeRadio right now!

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Hello! While sick I was listening to this, and it was a really good chat on disinfo, its deployment, its efficacy, and the value in standing up to bullies. Brooke Binkowski is the guest, bloody good one too.

(This queer will bash back, btw)

Yeah Nah Pasaran! -

I was listening to this over and over last week, thinking about choice and consequence.

Archie was a fucking legend 🖤💛💔

Mr 9: Hey dad, you know, technically, I'm a magician.

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